Friday, November 18, 2011

U.S. Botanical Garden: A City Oasis

This is our second time around with Sprouts Class: preschool botany at the United States Botanical Garden.  Kingman participated in this class when he was a preschooler and now it's Lion Heart's turn.  It's an amazing hour packed full of interesting botanical science.  Each class begins with a craft, followed by a story, a tour of the botanical garden related to the theme of the day, and ends with another craft and snack.

During the month-long session we studied worms, fish and oxygenated water, pollinators, owls and deciduous trees.  Though the class is for preschoolers, my preteen is learning a lot the second time around.  In fact, he's the first one dressed and ready to go on Sprouts day.  One rainy morning I contemplated out loud my desire to skip class because of the weather.  No can do said Kingman.  "Mom, we can't miss Sprouts class!"

Kingman participated in all of the classes, but if you bring older students they are free to explore the Botanical Gardens with the Junior Botanist Program.

Kingman is the designated photographer on Sprouts Day!  He's so proud of his photographs.

 Kingman and Lion Heart on the day we learned about owls.

 Kingman takes his crafting very seriously.

 Listening to Ms. Lee, the most awesome teacher ever! (She's been there since Kingman was a preschooler)

 That's the Native American Museum in the background.

 The beautiful garden.

 Ms. Lee asked the children to notice the different colors in the garden.

 I asked Kingman to snap shots of beautiful things that catch his eye.

 Here is the lily pond where the fish (the subject of our first class) live.

 More beauty that caught Kingman's eye.

 Kingman couldn't resist snapping up the US Capitol.  It sits right behind the US Botanical Gardens.

 The babbling brook.  I may have a photographer on my hands.

 This is the rear of the US Botanical Gardens.

 This the US Botanical Gardens' courtyard.  During warm weather we have lunch in this courtyard.

 Here's another shot of the deciduous trees with the Native American Museum in the background.

 Amazingly, this is just the outside of the US Botanical Gardens.  Inside is even more incredible!

For more information about Sprouts Class or to visit the museum, check out their website at

On November 11, 2011, Sprout Class celebrates 10 years with a Sprouts Reunion at the US Botanical Gardens.  Washington, D.C. is truly a homeschooler's paradise of free programming.

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