Saturday, November 19, 2011

Putumayo Kids Presents: The World Culture Collection

The over-sized coloring book.

The sticker book.

Inside view of the sticker book.

We are big on world culture in our homeschool and family life.  We are blessed to live in a city melting pot, filled with cultural events.  We are also big fans of Putumayo Kids.  I discovered the African Playground CD at the library years ago and added many of the Playground series to our homeschool. We have already incorporated the World Playground Multicultural Activity Kit iinto our homeschool.  So imagine how delighted I was to discover the World Culture Collection.  The oversized coloring books are perfect for little hands and the sticker books, with reusable stickers, help cultivate creativity and storytelling skills in the little ones.  The coloring books and sticker books are ideal for workboxes and perfect for Montessori Continent Boxes.  We plan to purchase the entire collection!

LionHeart pasting a sticker and telling me a story.

All done and proud!

God-sister Sia-Li sketching an African Mask in the over-sized coloring book

Inspired, LionHeart sketches an African mask of his own.
Sia-Li and her masterpiece.


  1. I love this idea and the importance that you place on cultural education. Have you considered taking part in a cultural exchange? You can find information here:

  2. Hi Rachel. Thanks so much! I just signed up for your 2012 Cultural Exchange. We are excited!!