Monday, April 1, 2013

No Lebron James Sneakers for Me

A financial decision he arrived at on his own.

I stopped cold in the kitchen, stepped away from the food I was preparing and walked over to give KingMan a big kiss.  It was another one of those proud-mama-moments.  Now that KingMan is a teenager I thought it was important for him to begin handling money.  KingMan is now managing a pretty decent sum of money each month.  It's not an allowance, it's a sum of money used to provide for his care (I still take care of food, shelter and education).  I want him to get into the habit of budgeting money and making decisions BEFORE he goes off to college.  He's been wanting a pair of Lebron James sneakers.  Of course, I refuse to pay more than $100 for a pair of sneakers, so he knew not to ask mom.  After babysitting and earnings from an NIH study, KingMan was ready to make his purchase.  He wanted to have his fresh new Lebrons in time for his upcoming basketball tournament.  Back to the kiss and the proud mama moment.  KingMan looked up from his laptop and announced, "Mom, I guess I just won't be buying the new LeBron's."  Stopping suddenly and almost slicing my finger with a paring knife, I ask why in my most concerned mother voice.  "Well, it's seems they all cost about $180 and I'm just not paying that much for a pair of sneakers."  I felt the holy-spirit well up in me and I almost did a dance;  instead, I walked over and planted a kiss on that chocolate cheek and told him how proud I was of him for making such a wise and mature decision.  I knew how badly he wanted the new Lebron sneakers and he even had the money to purchase them.  But in the end, he decided it just didn't make good financial sense.  Instead, he decided to go with the more reasonably-priced Kevin Durant's.


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