Sunday, December 16, 2012

Want to Raise An Entrepreneur?

Having entrepreneurial skills is enpowering! My husband infected me with the entrepreneurial spirit when he launched a business with zero experience and taught himself as he went along, driven by pure passion - the ultimate unschooler!  Apparently, these skills can be developed if you start teaching your children some very specific skills:

James A. Merrit is the founder of

Want to Raise An Entrepreneur?

7 Tips to Remember

1.  Money is a tool not a toy.  Reinforce the value of managing money at every turn.  Every penny counts and business owners realize this every day.

2.  Encourage Passion.  Passion fuels success.  Follow your passion and reap positive benefits.

3.  Teach Critical Thinking.  Entrepreneurs solve problems and fill a void in the marketplace for consumers.  Look for opportunities for problem solving and encourage it often.

4.  Talk Money.  Break the taboo and have conversations about money, goals, and how to make more of it.

5.  Vocabulary.  Teach children to understand that money is a language.  Use it daily and build that muscle.  It removes the fear.

6.  Making money is just as much fun as spending money.  Making money and spending money go hand in hand.  Both are fun.

7.  Model it.  Play money games, start your own business, help your child start a business.  Whatever you do, talk the talk, and walk, the walk.

These tips are from James A. Merritt, author and publisher of Spencer's First Dollar and Spencer's First Bank Account.  He is also the founder of

The holiday season is a perfect time to launch a business!

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