Thursday, September 27, 2012

Got Green

A Kale, Avocado, Flax Seed & Banana Mustache!

When I snapped this photo, I immediately thought of the "Got Milk" media campaign to promote the consumption of milk.  Got green is our family's twist on this concept.  Thanks to the wonderful blog Nutrition for Healthy Kids, nutrition is now a part of our curriculum.  KingMan likes that the curriculum is a blog because he gets the posts in his personal e-mail inbox (independence).  He's been reading through the archives to learn more about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup or what constitutes an edible plant.  As we approach cold and flu season, our focus for October will be Super Foods.  We will focus on the benefits of eating for a purpose, not just for taste.  Super Foods are nutrient dense and pack more power for the punch.  Before eating we always discuss the value of the food we are eating and how it will benefit the body.  I kick started this Nutrition Movement when I decided to start following the Hallelujah Acres eating program for health reasons.  My goal was more energy.  Raising and educating children is no fun when you are always tired.  I replaced my country breakfast (waffles, eggs and turkey bacon) with a green drink.  My energy level has increased tremendously.  Initially, my beverage of choice got a big thumbs down until I persuaded everyone to simply try a shot glass.  Now everyone, my husband, KingMan and LionHeart ask for their "shot of green" each morning.

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  1. That HFCS is icky stuff! I'm totally impressed that you've got the kids enjoying their "shot of green" - Wow, how awesome is that? :)