Sunday, September 21, 2014

Learn Math Fast System

I am a big fan of simplicity, especially when it comes to curriculum. There is something soothing about a text that has lots of white space, little color and an absence of distracting text in the columns.  The Learn Math Fast System, developed by a homeschool mom, is a no-nonsense, no frills program that gets right to the point.  Starting with addition and going all the way through Algebra I in six volumes, Learn Math Fast can be used for a variety of needs.

When I first saw the program, my thought was it would be ideal for unschoolers or for children who do not "love" math.  According to the website, you can learn years of math in a matter of months.  So let's just say you have been unschooling a child whose primary interest is art and that same child would rather pull off his fingernails than spend time with a math text.  Learn Math Fast allows the child to literally see the progression of the whole math thing from start to finish.  Steven Covey's famous quote, "start with the end in mind," can be a powerful motivator for a child to get through this program.  When I was in college, I abhorred math so much that I took an intensive 4 week math class that met on - gasp - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, just so I could get it over with.  I don't feel that way about math anymore, but there are some who do.

Learn Math fast can also be used for parents whose children attend traditional schools where they are doing all kinds of fancy "new" math that leaves a parent clueless.  This text can provide both parent and child a way of learning and understanding traditional math concepts together. The Learn Math Fast System also provides a way for parents to help a child who is behind in math, but unable to afford expensive tutoring.  All answers and fully worked out solutions are provided in the back of the book so the child and parent can see how the solution was found.

If you have multiple children on varying levels, the cost of purchasing individual math programs can quickly add up.  Learn Math Fast can be used with multiple children of varying levels because all worksheets are provided on the website at no extra cost when you purchase the program.

If you are using this program with a child that needs to catch up or review and don't know where to start, there is a free place test on the website.  Click here for more details. 


  1. Have you all started using it? How do you use it? Is it workbook like?

    1. Hi Nita! Each volume is about the size of a small telephone book. You can write directly in the book or download the worksheets from the website. When you purchase a volume, you are given access to worksheets so that you can use the books with multiple children. We are actually going to use the pre-Algebra volume to fill in any holes. I love the straightforward presentation and fully worked out solutions.