Sunday, September 7, 2014

Geography Costco Style!

I can always count on Costco to have something I can use in my homeschool.  This year it's a large magnetic world map for $19.99.  It's nice and sturdy, the usual high quality product you find at Costco.  We’ll be using this map along with Little Passports for our geography study.

 To ensure that we don't lose any pieces,  I separated the countries from each continent and labeled colorful sandwich storage containers I purchased from the Dollar Tree.  Mentally, I think this will also help LionHeart to understand that each land mass has individual countries that make up the continent.  My plan is to visit the library and let LionHeart choose a book about a particular country, then we’ll explore it on the map.  Since he loves music, we search the music and other important features about the country we choose.

The cuisine of Mozambique from the Travel Channel Show No Reservations

We also plan to study whatever country his aunty and cousin study in their Geography unit which will be based upon the Travel Channel show No Reservations with foodie Anthony Bourdain. His cousin loves to cook, so her mom has wisely chosen to approach Geography from the palate's point of view.  That is the beauty of homeschooling.  A child can learn any subject through his or her particular interest.

We're using the World Edition

Of course when LionHeart's package arrives in the mail from Little Passports, we'll explore that country and focus on areas of interest to LionHeart, like the sports of the country. I'm sure it will be the highlight of the day. 

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