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Teaching English In China

 When I received an e-mail from my good friend Kimberly Parker saying that she was moving to China, I thought it was a hoax.  But when the e-mails kept coming and the Go Fund Me campaign began, I knew this was real.  One thing I know about Sister Kim -- once she sets her mind to it, there's no stopping.  After she left for China, I read her e-mail updates with great joy and admiration. I thought her story was so amazing that I asked if she would share with my readers.

By Guest writer Kimberly Parker

Most people find it challenging to fathom my story.  How I ended up in China is most unusual but 100% true.  I didn’t choose China.  China chose me.  In January 2013, I literally woke up one morning and with pure spontaneity said, “I want to teach children English in China.”  While I was surprised by my utterance, the feeling attached to those words was indescribable.  Prior to that revelation, my only affinity with China was purely based on the splendid job they did hosting the 2008 Olympics.  However, I knew God was trying to tell me something that morning, so I took massive action.
The Vision

First, I created a vision board with these words: ‘Get to China FREE.’ Not long thereafter, I contacted a school in China and submitted my résumé.  To my disappointment, I did not qualify. At the time, they required teachers to have a degree in English (mine was in Management Studies), plus a couple years of classroom experience, neither of which I had at the time. 

Keep the Faith
Throughout the year, I never lost ‘that feeling’ I had when I woke up.  I kept the flame burning brightly in my heart so my dream would not die.  I continuously affirmed to my husband and children and even myself, “I want to teach children English in China.”  I’m grateful that they always encouraged me by saying, “OK.  One day you will.”  I couldn’t quite explain my passion, I just knew it was real and that one day it was going to happen.

On October 23, 2013, I received an email from the same school stating that their requirements changed and they wanted me to re-apply.  It was at that very moment I knew my dream would come true!  I re-submitted my résumé and immediately received a call for an interview.   

The Law of Attraction

During the interview, the Director of Studies asked me to tell him a little about myself.  I proudly shared who I was from the inside-out and that I was a wife of nearly 20 years and had four amazing children.  He then asked about my community service experience.  Still proud, I shared information about my seven years of joy as the volunteer Trips Abroad Coordinator at my son’s French Immersion School.  Upon learning that they spoke French he said, “If hired, would you consider bringing your daughter with you?  She could learn Chinese as her second language.”  I was speechless because it was an unspoken desire I held for many years!  Believe it or not, when she was three years old I affirmed in my heart Chinese would be her second language.  She is now eight years old.  The Law of Attraction was working overtime for me that day! 
Four days after the interview, I was hired!  One of the requirements for employment was to take a 100 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Online Course.  So, on November 13, 2013, I began the journey.  Time was of the essence; my start date was less than two months away.  On average, it takes six to twelve weeks to complete this standard six month course.  However, I wrote in my journal, ‘I will finish this course in one month.’ 

The online course was wonderful and offered me the flexibility I needed.  I worked diligently on assignments as early as 3:00 am and as late as midnight, sometimes beyond.  One day I sat at my computer for 12 hours straight and only took water and bathroom breaks.  Well, in just 28 days, with well over 100 hours of online learning, I successfully completed three modules, 27 quizzes, 28 test, 25 essays, and watched 21 videos.  The grade I earned was a beautiful ‘A.’ I also completed the optional English Grammar Course and earned a certificate!  I thank God for the support of my husband, family, and friends.  I could not have done it without them.

Our time here has been extremely rewarding.  Through the generosity of family, friends, and strangers alike, I raised over $6,600 which took care of our flight as well as supported us since we’ve been living here.  Those funds have even been used to bless others in need because giving always opens the door to receiving.  My daughter attends an international school and earned all ‘A’s and ‘B’s on her report card, with an ‘A’ in Mandarin.  The locals marvel at how well she speaks Chinese and often say she has a very good Chinese accent.  You should see her haggle for the best bargain at markets and stores!

The Magic of Gratitude

I wake up every single day with a heart full of gratitude.  There are times when I’m waiting for a bus and say, “Wow!  I’m waiting for a bus…in China!”  

My life is forever changed.  The life of my family is forever changed, too.  My children saw how I nurtured my dream and never stopped believing it would come true.  Because I’ve set this example for them, they have learned to apply The Law of Attraction and the magic of gratitude to their lives and are watching their dreams come true, too.  They now know and passionately believe that the sky is not the limit because I am teaching them, through words and action, infinity belongs to them! 

 If you would like to contact Kimberely Parker, you can visit her website Writing Momma or e-mail her at

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