Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Geography - Dhani Style

A dear friend had been telling me about Dhani Tackles the Globe for a while now.  While streaming Netflix during a bout with a very bad cold, I found it: Dhani Tackles the Globe.  Yes, the host is very easy on the eyes, but more importantly the show is educational in a super fun, boy-friendly way.  Kingman loves sports, especially Dhani style.  An NFL linebacker, Dhani travels the globe learning about cultures through the sports they play.  So far we've learned about the game of Lutte in Senegal, Water Polo in Croatia, Strong Man competitions in Iceland and Cricket in Jamaica.  I was even able to broker a written report on the top two episodes so that Kingman could stay up late to watch an extra episode.  We are totally hooked.  Now Kingman says he wants to visit Iceland to swim in the Blue Lagoon ... but not before we travel to Senegal so mom can visit West Africa's own Muscle Beach.  The only thing that's missing from this wonderful geography resource is a teacher's guide.  Can't wait to check out the rest of the episodes!

Behind-the-Scenes in Senegal - Photo 3

Dhani training for Lutte competition on Dakar's Muscle Beach